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Что для меня Йога

Йога для меня - это универсальный инструмент настройки нужного мне состояния сознания. Большая часть населения планеты находится в поисках...
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The Divine Giacomo

And again, the Chao! As promised, I tell about my first yogic experience and what came of it. It's worth starting with the fact that I came...
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A little about meditation

Meditation ... in the current understanding, this process, one way or another present in all transformational practices, does not respond to...
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Notes of the beginning yogini, part one, introductory

Namaste, citizens! My name is Olya and I'm not a yogi. Not at all a yogi. But for now. I hope so. I live in Italy, in a small town near...
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How to sleep well?

Do you have days when the number of thoughts and situations that occurred to you during the day continue to flash before your eyes even in...
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