I have been creating yoga clothes for more than seven years. I started my career with one seamstress and several models for my own yoga studio "Dzen". At that time, I was looking for high-quality sportswear for my classes that would fit perfectly. Searched but could not find.

The first Zen Wear collection was released in 2014. Since then, I have been studying different fabrics, shapes - and I have found the perfect structure , cut and models of training clothes. My clothes harmonize with human nature. He breathes and obediently moves behind the body, repeating its forms.

For each collection, I choose a fabric of non-natural shades. I am inspired by the combination of colors in nature - and I use them in Zen Wear models.

I am different, so I create clothes for different moods and conditions, without limiting myself and others. That's why Zen Wear's collections include seductive models of sports tops and overalls for yoga, basic and bright sports kits, warm sports suits, skinny running shoes and, of course, everyday clothes. Any option for self-expression.

Zen Wear men's and women's clothing helps a person return to a state of integrity - harmony with himself. It is a relaxed state, a state full of energy and light. A state in which life moves freely in the body!