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ZEN WEAR - yoga & fitness clothes

  • Our customers - all who love movement and comfort.
  • Our team is not sitting still. One of the founders is yoga trainer. We know what to pay attention to - stitching, trim, fabric.
  • Our fabrics are not only high quality but also natural. Active wear made of cotton is becoming a rarity nowadays.
  • Our products are functional and durable. How do we know? Before selling each model passes experimental stage, and as a result is brought to perfection.
  • Our quality is impeccable. ZEN WEAR maintains strict quality control of each unit, there is nothing left unattended.
  • Our models exclusive, because they made with love and soul. Such clothes you want to wear again and again.
  • Our clothing line is designed for the most demanding customers.
  • Our highlight is the lapel waist - the most loved by our customers. It hides figure flaws, do not overtighten the waist, crawls nowhere.
  • Our prices are absolutely loyal and adequate. Women's and men's clothing for yoga and fitness ZEN WEAR really inexpensive. We are proud that we can safely write on our labels - Made with love in Ukraine for those who appreciate quality.